Is it round, is it zero or is it an eye? No it is the outstanding and optimistic letter O! Get started browsing at this opportune moment because we have gathered all the best positive adjectives that start with O just for you. No matter how you see it or how you write it, the letter O is reflected horizontally and vertically. It has a short or long sound like the other 4 vowels. This outgoing letter is obviously one of the most used letters in the English alphabet. Okay, now that you’ve started to learn a bit about it’s background, it is time to dig in to this collection of positive words that start with O to describe a person, place or thing. Stay positive, smile and use and share these positive O adjectives!
positive adjectives that start with O

Objective Obliging Obtainable Omniscient
Open Handed Open Hearted Open-minded Opportune
Optimal Optimistic Optional Opulent
Organic Original Ornamental Ornate
Outgoing Outstanding Overjoyed

Thank you for visiting and being interested in our list of positive adjectives beginning with O! We hope that you picked up some good adjectives that start with O which can help with your letters, cards, blog, resume, for school or just simply looking to spread some kindness and inspiration to others. This might be a relatively short list of positive adjectives starting with O but it should be enough to get some positivity and good vibes in your day. The letter O is used a lot, but not as much as the first letter in a word. In any case, we hope you will use these adjectives starting with O to describe a person positively and help build each other up and make the world a happier place with more smiles and kindness!