These positive adjectives that start with P are pumped and prepared to party! There are plenty of pleasant and peaceful positive words that start with p to describe a person, place or thing, so take your pick! After all, what would life be without some playful, plucky, profound and powerful positive P adjectives? Also, if you want to cheer up or impress someone whose name starts with P, then start with these pretty, perfect and premium words. So, what are you waiting for? Pick some and share these phenomenal positive adjectives beginning with p.

positive adjectives that start with P

Positive Adjectives That Start With P

Painless Painstaking Palatable Palatial
Pardonable Party Passionate Passive
Patient Patriotic Peaceable Peaceful
Peerless Perceptive Perfect Perfumed
Perky Permanent Permissible Permissive
Perpetual Persevering Persistent Personable
Persuasive Pert Pertinent Petite
Phenomenal Philanthropic Philosophical Photographic
Picturesque Pious Piquant Pivotal
Placid Planned Platonic Plausible
Playful Pleasant Pleased Pleasing
Pleasurable Plentiful Pliable Plucky
Plus Plush Poetic Poised
Polished Polite Popular Positive
Possible Potent Potential Powerful
Practical Pragmatic Praiseworthy Precious
Precise Precocious Predictable Predominant
Preeminent Preemptive Preferable Preferential
Pregnant Premium Prepared Present
Presentable Prestigious Pretty Prevalent
Priceless Primary Princely Principal
Principled Pristine Prize Prized
Proactive Productive Professional Proficient
Profitbale Profound Profuse Progressive
Prolific Prominent Promised Promising
Prompt Pronounced Proper Propitious
Prospective Prosperous Protective Proud
Proverbial Prudent Prudential Pumped
Punctual Pure Purified Purposeful

I am so proud you made it to the bottom page! I hope that our positive P words to describe someone, something or somewhere were useful and that this collection was a helpful resource. Adjectives can really benefit us by helping us to express our thoughts better and can add a vividness to a conversation or to written communication. Here is an interesting tidbit about the letter P. Letter by letter, typesetters had to make each letter backwards. By doing so, the lower case p looks like q and this caused the typesetter with real dilemma. These days it is not a problem and the letter q and p are both on the upper side of the keyboard. What are your favorite adjectives starting with P to describe a person positively? Please use them and build others up, and help make the world a kinder and happier place. We hope you found lots of good adjectives that start with P!