Welcome to our unique, up-to-date and useful collection of positive adjectives that start with U. These adjectives will help give you, or someone you care about, some uplifting, motivating and inspiring days. In compiling this list we have purposefully only included often used and common positive adjectives beginning with U, rather than stuffing this list full of useless or inaccurate words. These are arranged in alphabetical order so it is easier for you to find what you are looking for. Create a more positive approach and outlook in life with these adjectives starting with U to describe a person positively. There are quite a few good adjectives that start with U that you can use to describe someone, something or some place. Enjoy and stay positive!
positive adjectives that start with U

Positive Adjectives That Start With U

Ubiquitous Unabashed Unassailable Unbeatable
Unbeaten Unbiased Unblemished Unblushing
Unbreakable Unceasing Uncomplaining Unconcerned
Unconditional Unconstrained Unconventional Uncritical
Undamaged Undaunted Undefeated Undeniable
Understanding Undeterred Undeviating Undisputed
Undivided Undoubted Unencumbered Unending
Unequivocal Unerring Unfailing Unfaltering
Unforgettable Unhesitating Uniform Unimaginable
Unimpeded Unique United Universal
Unmatched Unmistakable Unmitigated Unperturbed
Unprecedented Unrivaled Unruffled Unselfish
Unsinkable Unspoiled Unstoppable Unstressed
Unsurpassable Unsirpassed Unsurprising Unsuspected
Unsuspecting Untainted Untapped Untroubled
Upbeat Upmost Upper Upright
Up-to-date Up-to-the-minute Upward Urbane
Usable Useful Usual Utilitarian
Utopian Utter Uttermost

What were your favorite positive words that start with U to describe a person? Or thing? Or place? Here’s a fun fact: Before the 1500s, U and V were used similarly as a vowel or a consonant. A French educational reformer helped change that in 1557 when he started using the letter U entirely as a vowel and the letter V as the consonant. Can you imagine the word ‘understanding’ being written as ‘vnderstanding’ or the word ‘victory’ written as ‘uictor’? This list of U words to describe someone positively would sure seem strange to us indeed! Anyways, we really hope you enjoyed browsing through this collection of words that start with U to describe someone positively (or something or somewhere). Please share and stay positive!