Open your heart and mind to some O-powered positivity! These positive words that start with O will give you that optimal oomph towards an outrageously optimistic day. With a more positive train of thought we are able to move mountains, take things to the next level and embrace our amazing future. Adding positive O words to your daily affirmations, in your poems, when playing word games, sending texts to those you care about and writing in greeting cards will help to spread some smiles and happiness. Positivity increases confidence and well-being, which is already half the battle. Choose your words carefully and wisely. With that in mind, here is the most comprehensive list of outstanding positive words beginning with O. If you’re looking for a way to boost your positivity today, look through this list of positive words that start with the letter O and use them until everyone around you is oozing with over-flowing joy!
positive words that start with o

Positive Words That Start With O

Oasis Obedient Objective Objectively
Obliged Obliging Obligingly Observant
Obtain Obtainable Occur Odds-on
Oecumenical Offer Offering Official
Of substance Okay Okayed Okey-dokey
Olympiad Omnipotent Omniscience Omniscient
Oncoming One-hundred percent Oneness One of a kind
One up Ongoing On hand On-target
On the ball On the button On the money On the right path
On the right track On time Onward Oodles
Oohlala Oomph Ooze Oozing
Opalescent Open Open-hearted Open-heartedly
Opening Open Minded Open Mindedly Openness
Open up Operable Operatic Operational
Operative Opportune Opportunities Opportunity
Optimal Optimistic Optimum Opulent


Opulence Orchestrated Orderly Organic
Organizational Organized Original Originality
Originate Origination Originative Ornamental
Ornate Orotund Osculate Outback
Outdo Outdone Outgoing Outlast
Out of sight Out of this world Outplay Outrageous
Outshine Outshone Outsize Outsmart
Outspoken Outstanding Outstretch Ovation
Over Overachieve Overachiever Overactive
Overage Overbold Overexcited Overflow
Overflowing Overfond Overjoy Overjoyed
Over-joyful Overjoying Overmodest Overpower
Overriding Oversize Overt Overtake
Overtaking Overwhelming Owner Owning your power

Ok, which positive words that start with O to describe a person, place, thing, event, feeling and more are your favorites? Over-joyed? Opportunity? How about outstanding? As you can see, there are lots of positive descriptive words that start with O. Use them as a guideline to become more focused and positive. If you really want to take your life to the next level and enhance your happiness, sometimes all you need is to give these words that start with O that are positive a try and repeat them every day, coloring your language with optimism. Include positive O words to describe someone special in a greeting card or on social media. Whether the words starting with O positive words are adjectives, nouns or verbs they will help brighten peoples day that’s for sure!