The letter K is not one of the most commonly used letters in the English language. However, that does not discount the affect many positive K words can have on people. Words like kind, kissing and keepsake can all evoke in us a feeling of happiness, of optimism, of positivity. The following is a list of positive words that start with K to describe a person or thing, compiled from all kinds of sources, even other languages.

positive words that start with k

Positive Words That Start With K

Kabbalah Kahuna Kaleidoscopic Karma
Kawaii – means “cute” in Japanese Keen Keenly Keenness
Keep Keeper Keeping Keepsake
Kekoa – Hawaiian “warrior” Kempt Key Kickass
Kicky Kid Kid friendly Kiddish
Kiddies Kids Killer Killing it
Kin Kind Kinder Kindest
Kind hearted Kindle Kindly Kindness
Kindred Kinfolk King King-size
Kingdom Kingly Kingship Kinkiness
Kinky Kismet Kiss Kissable
Kisses Kissing Kissy Kith
Kitten Kittenish Kittens Kitty
Klatch Knack Knackish Knee-slapper
Knick-knacks Knight-like Knightly Knockout
Know-how Knowable Knowing Knowingly
Knowledge Knowledgeable Konnichiwa – means “hello” in Japanese Kook
Kookily Kooky Kris kringle Kudos
Kumusta – means “hello” in Tagalog Kvell Kwanzaa

To wrap up, there are hundreds of positive words that start with K that can be found in multiple languages across the globe that have a happy, optimistic, or empowering connotation. Even the words that compiled this list span the globe, representing English, Hebrew, Hawaiian, Japanese and others. While the English words may be the easiest to comprehend for native speakers, the foreign words can be very exciting to learn and fun to incorporate into your own daily language. This is because some of these positive words that start with the letter K don’t have one single definition but can be used to express a complex feeling or idea. But, again, the point is that each work reflects some aspect of happiness, ranging from concepts such as behavior, power, beauty, health, well being, and even greater concept like heavenly, sacred, and forgiveness. These positive words beginning with K are special, not just because they are positive, but because they reveal something about the culture they originate from. We hope you enjoyed this collection of killer positive adjectives that start with K!