Happy, healthy, hope, hero…there are plenty of positive words that start with H! Why do you need positivity and optimism in your life? Because you cannot fully enjoy life without having a positive perspective and outlook on the ways of living. Having a wide array of positive words in your vocabulary enables you to better color your everyday life and experiences with optimism and joy, thus creating balance and a better world to live in. And the letter H is often the first letter of many words that are positive. From greetings such as ‘hi’ and ‘hello’ to positive H words to describe someone such as harmonious, helpful, humor and humble, the letter H is certainly prominent used in the happiest of words. Here are a few positive words that start with the letter H that will brighten up your day and help you spread a bit of huggable happiness!
positive words that start with H

Positive Words That Start With H

Habitable Habile Halcyon Hale
Hallelujah Hallmark Hall of Fame Hallowed
Hands-down Handsome Handy Happening
Happily Happiness Happy Happy-go-lucky
Hardworking Hardy Harmless Harmonic
Harmonious Harmoniously Harmonized Harmony
Harness Harvest Harvester Have
Haven Headmaster Headstrong Head-turning
Head over heels Heed Heady Heal
Healer Healing Health Healthful
Healthy Heart Heartening Heartfelt
Heartily Hearty Heartthrob Heart-to-heart
Heartwarming Heaven Heavenly Heaven sent
Heavy hitter Heavyweight Heedful Heighten
Height Heiress Heirloom Hello
Help Helper Helpful Helpfully
Helpfulness Helping hand Herald Heritage
Heritor Hero Heroic Heroically
Heroine Heroism Hi High
High-brow High-caliber High-class High-concept
High-fashion High-fidelity High-flier High-ground
Highlight Highly recommended High-minded Highness
High-profile High quality High-resolution High-road
High-roller High-spirited High-tech Hilarious
Hilarity Hip Hipster Historic
Hit Holiday Holiness Holism
Holistic Holy Holy spirit Homage
Home Homebound Homecoming Homegrown
Homeland Homely Homemade Homey
Hone Honest Honestly Honesty
Honey Honeymoon Honeypot Honeyed
Honeylike Honor Honorable Honorably
Honorarium Honorary Honored Honoree
Honorifics Hoot Hooray Hope
Hopeful Hopefully Hopefulness Hospitability
Hospitable Hospitality Host Hot
Hotcake Hotshot Howdy Hubby
Huddle Hug Huge Hugely
Huggable Hugging Hum Humane
Humanely Humanhood Humanism Humanist
Humanistic Humanitarian Humanity Humankind
Humanly Humble Humbling Humility
Humongous Humor Humorous Humorously
Hunk Hunky-dory Hurray Husky
Huzzah Haute-Couture Haut Monde Hygienic
Hype Hyperactive Hyperfine Hypersonic
Hypnotic Hysterical

We hope that you enjoyed looking through this collection of positive words that start with H to describe a person, thing, feeling and more. There are so many positive words that begin with H and this is partly because so many words are derived from Latin and Greek words related to positive ideas such as happiness and health. Filling your life with positivity begins with your thoughts, words and deeds. We hope that these positive H words are able to help you heal your home with hope and humble hugs! Please share these positive words beginning with H with those you love and care about.